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Women's Group

Women worship at a Global Outreach Church event

TAG Team (Touching All Generations) is an appropriate name for our Women's Ministry because this ministry reaches not just across ethnic and cultural differences, but includes women of all ages. TAG Team works to effectively build relationships that are purposeful, meaningful and fun, while making a positive life-changing impact on individuals and the church.
The demands on today's women are high and TAG Team works to provide encouragement and counsel for women as well as an opportunity to reach out to and serve others.

Events include:

  • Prayer Meetings/Bible Studies

  • Social Gatherings (lunches, breakfasts, women's evening out, etc)

  • Book Reviews

  • Support Groups

  • Outreach Opportunities

  • Mentorship Program


Women praying at a GO Church event
GO Women's Conference - worship
GO Women's Conference - taking notes
GO Women's Conference - Dancing
GO Women's Conference - Singing a Zulu song
GO Church women participating in the annual March for the Cure event at Mt. Trashmore.
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