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Join a Group

A GO Group (small group) meeting at the home of a GO Church member

If you have never been a part of a small group in a church before, you may be a bit intimidated and hesitant. We understand that. Here's the deal: Others feel the same way too. However, while the large group is important, it is in the small group that you really get to stretch yourself as a believer in Christ. Even in smaller churches, it is easy to "fall through the cracks," but a small group of believers is there for you in a way that is not easily matched in the larger group.

At GO Church, our small groups are called GO Groups. GO Groups are not just about business nor are they a second church service - this is a relaxed setting, most often in someone's home. Groups typically meet 3 weeks per month, and there is a social event once per month.


The reason our small groups are called GO Groups is that we challenge each group to not just be turned within, but to also reach out to others. Groups are encouraged to have times of reaching out to others at least once quarterly. This may be scary for some, but being a part of a group you know and trust, makes it easier. That's the power of the group.

What to expect in a GO Group

Most groups start with an ice-breaker: The easy question- everyone can answer it. It can be fun and it is engaging. It sets the theme for the discussion. Laughter is encouraged!

Worship: This may be singing along with a CD, or a YouTube worship song played on a television set.

Observation & Discussion: Reading the scripture together and finding the answers. It's common to have more than one answer, so don't be nervous if you have a different answer from everyone else.

Application: What’s going on in your world? How can the group members apply the scripture?

Prayer: The perfect end to a great conversation. Praises are welcome too!

Food & Fellowship: Some groups have light snacks, some have meals once, per month. Each group is different, but the emphasis is always on spending some relaxing time together over something to eat.

To be a part of a group, visit our information Table for details or ask one of our ushers for help to find a group suitable for you.

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